Luxury hand dyeing on wool,
cotton, silk, lace & feather

MD Teinture can craft every kind of colors on different fabrics and materials: silk, cotton, lace, nylon, wool, chiffon or even feather. Our expertise is the guarantee of your success.

You want to know why prestigious & luxury fashion houses are working with us?:

Tone color matching

We exactly reproduce a color sample on any given fabric.

Flexibility and ability to work fast.

The expertise of our three craftsmen dyers permits a fast and efficient work

Final result quality

Thanks to our experimented staff and in order to offer you the best experience.

Personalized advices

For the best result regarding fabrics, materials, length and desired color tone.

Respect of the client requirements

The customer decides what he wants, and then we can give our professional advices.

Material analysis

The goal is to use the best pigments and other products, depending on each material property.

Fabric care

To preserve the fabric quality

Small lenght ironing

MD Teinture cares about your fabric. We provide you the dyed fabric in the best shape. We sometimes iron small lengths of fabric.

Respect of the European standards

All of the products we use respect the European standards.